There are quite a few git hosting sites mentioned on We group of enthusiastic developers are willing to learn android app developement and Google App engine as cloud power. So we have decided to create an android app. Initially I was thinking to create it as opensource project for which is perfect…

More on Git & GitHub

This post describes “know how” about the GitHub & links to Git Tuts GIT is powerful source control tool & github provides cloud based free repo for opensource projects. First create your account on GIThub Setup your gitbash on your machine ( use link ) You can now…

GitHub – How to Video

GitHub ( is a cloud or web based  Source Control tool & it is free for hosting open source projects.  You can also buy hosting plans for your private repositories. For one of my project I am trying to learn GitHub to use on windows computer. There is lot of reading material on internet…

Reading text file in Python

Consider there is a file in /tmp/country.txt contents in the file are like below country name , population , language etc. United Kingdom,57533000,London,6756000,Europe,1066,1945,-,English United States,252177000,Washington DC,606900,North America,1776,1945,-,English Venezuela,19733000,Caracas,1290087,Latin America,1811,1945,-,Spanish Vietnam,67589000,Hanoi,1088862,Orient,1945,1977,-,Vietnamese Yemen,1184300,San’a,427150,Asia,1918,1957,Islam,Arabic Argentina,36955182,Buenos Aires,2033445,Latin America,1853,1945,-,Spanish Brazil,172860370,Brasilia,286037,0Latin America,1822,1945,-,Portuguese Bahrain,634137,Manama,34137,Persian Gulf,1973,1977,Islamic,Arabic Cameroon,15421937,Yaounde,421937,Africa,1960,1974,-,Franch Djibouti,451442,Djibouti,1442,Africa,1977,1980,-,Franch Equatorial Guinea,474214,Malabo,74214,Africa,1991,1995,-,Franch Fiji,832494,Suva,32494,Oceania,1970,1975,-,English France,59329691,Paris,329691,Europe,486,1945,-,Franch Greece,10601527,Athens,601527,Europe,1829,1945,-,Greek Germany,82797408,Berlin,1797408,Europe,1871,1960,-,German Honduras,6249598,Tegucigalpa,1249598,Latin America,1821,1945,-,Spanish China,1261832482,Beijing,61832482,Asia,-221,1945,-,Chinese Canada,31281092,Ottawa,1281092,North…

Access SOAP webservice from Python

HTTP Lib can be used to call soap webservices  There are many SOAP python client frameworks SOAPpy Suds urllib2 Article @  gives insight on SSL certificate based authentication


Triggers It is a stored PL/SQL program unit associated with a specific database table Oracle executes (fires) the trigger automatically whenever a given SQL operation affects the table They are invoked implicitly They are useful for customizing a database They should be used only when necessary Can automatically generate derived…

PL/SQL Wrapper

PL/SQL Wrapper To hide the source code from the user. Ed c:\details.sql  (Creating a .sql file) create or replace procedure details as begin dbms_output.put_line(‘The password of the account is XYDFZ’); end; SQL> @ c:\details.sql  select text from user_source where name = ‘DETAILS’; Type the wrap command on the command prompt….

Know Depandencies

Dependencies Displaying direct and Indirect dependencies Step 1 – Run the script utldtree.sql that creates the objects that enable you to display the direct and indirect dependencies. (This script is in ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin folder) Scenario – Table is emp EMP table has two direct dependent objects of type view and trigger….

Bulk Binding

Bulk Binding This article begins a discussion of how to work with collections. Previous versions of Oracle had limitations for collection usage in regards to SQL statement processing. Bulk Bind and Collect features were introduced to reduce the SQL processing overhead by efficient use of collections in PL/SQL code. The…

Bfile and LOBs

Bfile – Binary file (text, sound, image or video) is stored outside the database. The locator to that file is stored in the database. Bfile data is read only for oracle. LOB – BLOB and CLOB are the tow types of LOBs. B is binary and C is character data….