How to Optimize your WordPress website using SEO techniques ?

On a typical website 70% to 90% traffic arrives from search engines. To increase traffic on website, to improve reach of website to right audience, it is imperative to optimize websites for search engines. Search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo crawl websites & gather data about website. When a user search something, relevant websites from search engine database are presented as search result. So getting your website in top of search results is important. Below article explains how to improve search engine optimization (SEO) of a website.

There are two types of SEOs. “On Page” SEO & “Off Page” SEO.

“On Page” SEO covers whatever we should do to the actual website that we are designing.  Off Page SEO is the actions we should do outside our website.More details on each types of SEO are below.

On Page SEO

Use Responsive theme i.e. mobile device friendly pages. Non mobile friendly websites are penalized by Google.

Now a days Google scores websites on User Experience, Simple navigation, High Quality images.

Loading time of website: Website should be fast. Slow websites are penalized. Page loading time should be less than 5 seconds. Use tools like pingdom test speed ( ) to test speed and other aspects of the website.  You need to use a good hosting that has fast internet connectivity.  Your code should be optimized for fast performance. In case of WordPress, having too many plug-ins may slow down the website.

Use cloudflare – this is a free service and will improve speed of website. It provides cdn/caching of images and static contents. It also secures websites from attacks such as denial of service ( DoS ) attacks.

Good SEO plugins for WordPress SEO

  1. WP Super Cache
  2. Yoast seo


  • Meta Title & Meta Description is what appears on google search results. So make it more natural m with relevant keywords.
  • Website should have XML Sitemaps
  • In wordpress permalink select custom structure & set %postname% . This includes keywords for articles in URL of page.
  • Include keywords in meta headers and tags .
  • Internal Linking – Provide links your other posts or articles wherever appropriate.
  • For all images in website use alternate image text with keywords. Randomize keywords & do not use same keyword over and over.
  • Link to some other good websites more popular than your website.

Content of website: This is super important. Posts or pages should have good quality contents. There should be at least few articles or posts with about 1000 to 1200 words of good quality content.  If website is about services , create faq , howto articles . Preferably have a blog giving more relevant content about your services.  Design user experience for your contents too . ( Have bulleted points, Structured paragraphs  etc. Well organized content gets more user time . Amount of time spent by user on a site will help improve ranking. Include good quality images in articles . 4-5 images for 1200 words articles. If possible & relevant add video on page , it will improve amount of time spent on website. Have a good title for post / article including keywords related to article/ subject of website.  Use a service to analyze header. In your page content place appropriate relevant keywords regarding your articles.

Off Page SEO

Backlinks to your website: Other sites, blogs, forums providing links to your website / article / posts is a backlink. This is an important way to get traffic as well as getting good ranking in search.

Link to your websites should be from high quality content websites, social media networks such as Facebook, twitter, google plus, LinkedIn etc. DO NOT create links in link exchange programs or similar link listings. That does not work now a day; in fact, it will harm ranking

Tips for building audience for your website & brand:

  1. Use social media networks
  2. In google plus create page for website & you can promote contents
  3. On Facebook create fan page for website. Join groups of similar interests and start promoting contents.
  4. You tube – create relevant videos and start promoting your brand on you tube channels.
  5. Reddit – Start helping people in communities to establish your credibility.
  6. Start with three social media network and build your brand, followers by genuine content and interaction with your followers.
  7. Share relevant contents, news, events & general updates on social media . Interact with followers, answer their queries.
  8. Q&A websites – Website like – You can reply to questions with good answers and relevant link to your website article.
  9. Helpful comments on top & popular blogs – Leave helpful and relevant comments on popular blogs. Manytimes these blogs allow you to provide link to your website. This is not for backlink but people visit the link of good comment’s author.
  10. Be active in forums .At least join two active forums & remain active. Link in your signature to get traffic from forum readers.
  11. Include social media buttons on your WordPress sites. ( Social Media Feather is good wordpress plugin )


Lastly patience – persistently continue working on your “on page” & “off page” SEO . For new websites it may take two to four months to start seeing real traffic.


— Compilation of best practices by Rahul Bagal



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