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Open Source – Computer Science Degree ! 

If you are determined to learn new things no one can stop you in this age of internet. Now even you can get a computer science degree that too open source. If you are an electronics or any other engineering graduate and missing study of computer science then this is perfect way to study it all & polish your computer science career.

Actually many universities provide free online courses ; there are free ebooks & websites . Using it you can cover entire syllabus of under graduate computer science degree.

An interesting project on github – open-source-cs-degree has compiled list of free courses & books covering  computer science degree.

It covers following syllabus from free courses of prestigious universities like Stanford , Carnegie Mellon , MIT, UC Berkeley, Harvard etc.

Term 1
Intro to Computer Science
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
Data Structures
Computer Architecture
Term 2
UX Design
Intro to Web Development
Intro to Databases
Operating Systems
Computer Graphics
Term 3
Programming Languages Theory
System Engineering
Software Engineering
Principles of Computing
Term 4
Computer Networking
Mobile Software Development
Programming Languages & Compilers
Artificial Intelligence
Parallel Computing
Machine Learning

URL of project :

Similarly there is one more project that helps you study The Open Source Data Science Masters 

There you go & get Bachelors and Master’s degree for free.

I think this is the new way of learning and power of open source philosophy. You don’t need to spend hard earned money or get a new student loan to go to college again. Get it all free !

This reminds me advertisements of IIN ( Idea internet network ) in a good way !

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